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"How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world." Anne Frank

We're not asking that you change the world, but we welcome and invite you to change your own. Practically speaking, you'd like to leave other-employed and become self-employed by starting your own practice. 

What are you already certain of? We would start there. Perhaps you have a location in mind. Perhaps you have a management style in mind. We can be a friend here and bounce ideas back and forth. But our hard skill is helping to develop a plan. 

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The Vision

This is primary in your new practice. You see it a certain way in your head and perhaps idealized. Consider why it's important to you. Remember all of these things and think about them frequently.

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Perhaps you know the area you want to be in, perhaps there's a specific building you picked out, perhaps there's an employee you want to bring in, perhaps a logo/brand that you have in mind. "Perhaps" a lot of things. 

We will take what you already know and then apply the science. We will determine if the submarket has a need for a Pediatrician--one that takes a certain type of insurance. We will determine start-up costs and operational costs. Related, we will determine financial performance needed. We will determine a marketing, referral, and hospital strategy to get new patients. We take the lease or purchase the real estate, design the space, set up the technology, staff it, and set up accounting. Then, all that's left to do is open and see the patients. 

Everything you already know

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